Sunday, October 3, 2010

first L.E. collection

hello :)
it's very hard to find this old L.E.
anyway i found one

i found some info here about the jacket and mary kate when she wore it :
Mary-Kate Olsen in a gold-studded jacket that unquestionably weighed more than she did. Who ever was responsible for this most glorious piece of armor?, we wondered. And where the hell can we get it? After some digging and a few furious phone calls by the folks at Jeffrey, we hit pay dirt: It's Givenchy! Hallelujah! Ricardo Tisci, you are a genius! Get us to Barneys! And then the disappointment hit: The jacket's from fall 2007. You mean M-K's wearing something that's — gasp! — TWO SEASONS OLD? But that's not even vintage! Sure, she shelled out $9G for it — but when you walk around looking like an Olsen, you don't dare dance with expiration dates. It's time for a new jacket.
and some info about the jacket in stardoll:


first collection

year 2007

sorry don't have more info i can't find them and i couldn't find the jacket ...

PS : - info of real jacket was copy in this WEB
- if you know what is the limit of this jacket please tell us ;)

50% BY ME
XX selena.g.65

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